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× yep.... × [Oct. 2nd, 2007|11:07 am]
I made a new journal. Mostly because half the people on my list prrrrrobably don't read these and I really hate being an annoyance. :P I update pretty often. So I suppose if you're one of the few that read, add it. :] hehe.


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× ugh. × [Sep. 24th, 2007|02:17 am]
[Feeling... |*grumble*]
[Dancing to |tmbg]

What a royal BITCH. I hope she chokes and dies. *grumble*

I cannot stand people who do this shit. I don't care if I know you or not, you're a fucking cheat.

and so... are... YOU.
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-.- [Sep. 21st, 2007|07:15 am]
[Feeling... |confusedhappy/worried]
[Dancing to |e6]

I got the shit scared out of me today. -.-

First off... Danny and Mike (my brothers that live here) came together in my mom's car to pick me up from work at 7. THEN... i get home... and theres a shit ton of people at my house... including my brother Jason who lives in Texas... i didn't see my mom.

I thought for sure she had died or something. I was SO fucking scared.

Turns out Jason just decided to surprise us with a visit...

BUT... this still leads me to worry even more, especially after everything i've been told/cautioned aboot, that she could go soon.


I dunno what to think.
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× they call me Dr. Worm... × [Sep. 21st, 2007|01:32 am]
[Feeling... |tiredtired]
[Dancing to |Kittye]

NEVER again... will I go to bed at 6am when I have to be up by 1. -.- It wouldnt have been MUCH of a problem.. but I got called in early today so I had to wake up at noon... and holy fuck I'm tired as shit. We all know Travvy just can't work properly on 6 hours of shitty sleep. :[
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× He got that special disease... that knocks the shit outta me... × [Sep. 20th, 2007|10:20 am]
[Feeling... |amusedNervous/excited]
[Dancing to |Sarah Silverman]

Today is my first day that I'll be working at Devonshire Veterinary Clinic. I'm a little nervous... but VERY happy. This is a really good job for someone like me. I get to wake up fairly late (gotta be up by 1pm), I get to have all night to myself (I get off at, I think, 8pm), and I get to work with puppies and kitties and animals alllll day! ^_^ I mean.... PART of my job is walking dogs and giving attention to kitties! :] How awesome is that? Pretty awesome, if you ask me. ^_^

I don't really mind wearing scrubs... it makes me feel like I have a real job. haha. I'm not sure why... it just seems more official... like I'm doing something important. :P Let me dream. hehe. Larry says I should get a stethoscope to wear just for show. I think it would be kinda cute. haha.

The only parts of the job that I know I'm going to hate are helping the vets Euthenize the animals (I have to hold the animals down while they do it :[  ) and cremating the animals (that i do on my own. D:) I'm sure there will be plenty of days where I call poor Matt bawling my eyes out and speaking incoherantly... but I guess it comes with the job. I just keep telling myself that I HAVE to do it to help the animals. They are in pain... and I'm helping to save them from a miserable life. *Shall probably end up reciting mantras every day* I'm sure I won't like seeing all the people crying either... it'll make me really sad... BUT... seeing all the happy people whose animals have gotten better will be really rewarding. I dig that kinda thing. :]

There are lots of perks to working there too. After working there six months I get two of my animals vaccinated for free each year and get free heart worm preventative. After that every animal of mine that I bring in is half off. That's REALLY good for me. It will save me a shit ton of money, too. Once I get moved I want to get a puppy... so I will probably just wait till I've been working there six months or so to get a puppy... that way I can be absolutely sure that he/she will have all of its immunizations and heart worm medicine. It will save me a lot of money and save my pets a lot of pain. :] After six months I also get paid holidays off. That is BITCHIN. Excellent! Also, after working there a year I get a week's paid vacation. WOO! That makes me super happy. hehe.

The job is only part time for now... but Mabel (the lady who hired me) says that they are adding two more exam rooms, another Veterinarian, and a bigger boarding area onto the clinic. After that, I will most likely be offered a full time position. That would be really good. :]

I'm so excited for this! :D
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× >.< × [Sep. 16th, 2007|02:08 pm]
[Feeling... |scaredscared]
[Dancing to |none.]

aboot midnight last night i had to call an ambulance for my mother.

that was the most sinking feeling i've ever had. I've been scared enough lately.

I think she's okay... shes in indianapolis at the heart center now. I think she had a minor heart attack... the doctors werent very clear. She has to have surgery stuff again to put in another stent IF we are "lucky" and thats whats wrong.


I finally got a way to Warsaw... and now I don't know if I should go or not. I'm really no use here at home alone for however long it takes her to get better... but... i don't know if I'll feel right having a good time while my mom is hooked up to machines and laying in a hospital bed.


I hate that there is nothing i can do for her.
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× baaaby you're a drug! × [Sep. 14th, 2007|04:56 am]
[Feeling... |loved<3]
[Dancing to |Self]

*twirls and dances* It feels nice to fall, fall, fall. I haven't felt so upbeat in awhile. I feel hopeful for this. I feel like it could really go somewhere... somewhere I've never been. I feel like it could be amazing. No...no... I'm sure it will. Everything seems so perfect. We click, you dig? We click like no one I've ever met. It's gonna be a trip and a roller coaster and I bet you I'm gonna love it more than I EVER did The Beast.

*runs in happy little circles* So awesome!
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(no subject) [Sep. 12th, 2007|03:55 pm]
my fucking mom is planning her funeral...

how the fuck am i supposed to feel aboot this?
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× *giggle of happy girliness* × [Sep. 12th, 2007|12:12 am]
[Feeling... |lovedgirly]
[Dancing to |E6]

I got off the phone with Matt and then like... ten minutes later he called back just to say "I really want to kiss you right now, you pretty girl". *giggle* Sweetest thing anyone has done for me in an EXTREMELY long time. *dance* So now that I have heard his beautiful voice tell me goodnight... I am going to fall asleep with echoes in my head. *smiles*

Nini everyone. ^_^
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× im still not that cool... im just not that great... × [Sep. 1st, 2007|01:01 pm]
[Feeling... |tired/sore/sunburnt]
[Dancing to |msi durp]

MSI show last night was DUH... FANTASTIC. :] I'm really too tired/sore/sunburnt to sit at my computer and talk all aboot it... so i'll edit that in later. Just wanted to say "hey... that show rocked"
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